What to do about insurance questions?

I have contracts with insurance companies stating that I can’t give care away free to certain groups of people. Can I still participate without losing my contracts?


If your contract restricts your service donation, don’t despair.  In 2002, President George W. Bush signed Public Law 107-135, legislation that ensured that chiropractic care would become a permanent benefit for recipients of veterans’ health care services. Many veterans find it difficult to access these chiropractic benefits, so we provide it for them.

If you are treating a veteran, you may ask them to request these benefits. If approved, the V.A. will send you the appropriate paperwork to become a V.A. vendor. Once this process is complete, you can submit claims to be reimbursed. This doesn't always happen and regardless the patient will never receive a bill from the Patriot Project. As far as we're concerned, their bill is paid in full. We treat active-duty military, their families (this would include spouse and their children), service-connected veterans, and all gold star dependents.