Robert Girard

“My name is Robert Girard and I would like to take the time to say thank to your organization for what you do and especially to one of your members Dr. Robert G. Frieman at 8838 Waltham Woods RD, Baltimore, MD . I am a disabled Vietnam veteran (a double amputee, both legs below knees) and recently while visiting my son in Baltimore I was suffering from lower back pain and my son took me to visit DR. Frieman. DR Frieman took very good care of me and when I asked to settle the charges Dr. Frieman explained the Patriot Project to me and explained that he donated his services to me. I was very grateful for his help and service. This is the first time I have heard of the Patriot Project. If you have doctors near Shrewsbury,MA ( im traveling there) or Melbourne FL I would certainly like to be informed so that I may visit them. Again in grateful appreciation thank you DR. Robert G. Frieman.”

Sgt. Jackson Miller

"Good evening. I want to commend one of your team members. I’m a disabled veteran 100% p&t. My granddaughter found your project through Instagram and put me in touch with the Ohio Director. Sydney answered all my questions and was very patient with me as I am hard of hearing. I had to call her multiple times and each time she was very pleasant to deal with. I had a hard time finding a doctor with availability so she helped me get my first appointment. After three adjustments I’m no longer taking Tramadol and feel like I’m in control of my pain. Thank you for starting this project. I feel like I’m on the path to getting my life back."