Testimonials - What and Why and How

You've asked for testimonials.  Why is this, what should I include, and how do I share them with you?


We ask that you help us build our case. Doctors should document any treatment a patient receives under the Patriot Project. It’s as simple as keeping track of why the patient is coming in and what affect the care is having on them.

Patients are not required to give testimonials, but it would be appreciated. If you are a Patriot Project patient, we request that you send testimonials and documentation to us through your profile.  Simply log in to The Patriot Project and click on the "Testimonials" button.

We are gathering this information to use before Congress. It is our goal to ensure every military member is aware of the chiropractic care available to them.  In turn, Congress needs to know how vital it is to our troop's mental and physical health. We hope to become an intricate part and alternative to the current health system offered to our service members.

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