Shilo Harris

Profile picture of Shilo HarrisHonor, Family and Liberty! 

Liberty and Freedom come with a cost. Some give their lives while others come home to support and encourage others who have paid high prices for our freedoms.  We were extremely blessed to receive a new home through ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Helping a Hero in 2012.  Allow us to share some of the excitement with you!

As a Christian I know that God has saved me for a purpose, I also believe that the medical advancements within our military medical system helped save my life as well as the quality of my life. Not too many years ago the chances of my survival would have not had the odds in my favor.

Not to say I would not have survived, but looking at how far I have come with the surgeries and the therapy, I feel like I have made great strides in getting back to a normal day that could have possibly left me even more disfigured and limited in mobility years ago. I even have Spock ears. That is super cool.

My recovery has been amazing. I have also seen amazing work done for many, many other veterans such as adaptive equipment, prosthetic limbs, and surgical success. I am very pleased with my recovery.

God bless!!