Mission Statement

To provide chiropractic care to active military, their families, wounded warriors, and Gold Star Dependents.

To make full chiropractic benefits in TRICARE care readily available for ALL active duty military, retirees and veterans.

To have chiropractic physicians commissioned as officers in all armed services.

To have chiropractic physicians embedded in all forward operating bases of combat.

To have a Chiropractic Department in every VA hospital and clinic.

To educate veterans with service related disabilities; they have chiropractic benefit coverage through the Veterans Administration.

Please contact your congressman and let them know chiropractic care is supposed to be available as a veteran’s health benefit but access to this non-drug, non-surgical care is currently restricted to only a small portion of veterans who need and desire it.  The conservative care of chiropractic physicians need to be readily available to ALL active duty military personnel.