Hershel Davis

Profile picture of Hershel DavisHershel has served in the United States Navy for 34 years. At retirement he was the senior enlisted SEAL in the Navy. His career as a SEAL began in Vietnam and his last assignment was Command Master Chief of Naval Special Warfare Unit Eight located in the country of Panama. While serving as Command Master Chief of SEAL Team Five, he was instrumental in developing the firearms training program, which included a strict doctrine and methodology. This program was adopted and is still used today.

Hershel was recently featured on a Discovery Channel program on the Navy SEALS. He has worked as an adjunct instructor at training centers throughout the world, and brings his expertise and experience with him to the North American Weapons & Tactical Training Center.

Master Chief (ret.) Hershel Davis help to developed a Military Master Firearms Instructor program for Navy Spec War operators. he is a qualified expert witness in State and Federal Court specializing in police practices and customs and use of force cases. He is presently Emeritus Professor (ret) continuing to teach and consult.

Hershel served with the U.S. Navy SEALS for 34 years and is a Vietnam Veteran. At his retirement, he was the most senior enlisted SEAL in the Navy. Hershel served as Command Master Chief of Special Warfare Unit One, Eight and SEAL Team Five. Hershel has worked all over the world in both his military and private career.

He has also been involved in the training of thousands of law enforcement personnel including work with the Olympic Committee and in post 9/11 operations.