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ricsavage.jpgRIC SAVAGE is a former professional wrestler, reality TV show host, motivational speaker, published author, historian, and the co-host of The SAVAGE-TURNER Rock Express Radio Show with ERIK TURNER of multi-platinum hard rock artists,WARRANT.

RIC SAVAGE wrestled from 1990-1997 in NWA, WCW, USWA, and ECW as well as dozens of independent federations across the United states.

THE SAVAGE FAMILY, RIC, RITA, G, and NICK, were the stars of SAVAGE FAMILY DIGGERS on Spike TV. The show followed their business of historical artifact recovery in various locations from Alaska to New York City. Using metal detectors, ground penetrating radar, and tools ranging from hand shovels to bulldozers, the SAVAGE FAMILY unearthed some incredible artifacts, and made many landowners money from what was buried on their properties.

THE SAVAGE-TURNER ROCK EXPRESS RADIO SHOW can be heard worldwide weekly. The show contains interviews with rock stars, TV and movie stars, and professional wrestlers along with great music. The show is hosted by RIC SAVAGE and WARRANT guitarist ERIK TURNER, and also contains a segment by WORLDS

WORST TENANTS star, TODD HOWARD, and a segment by legendary rock drummer, CARMINE APPICE. Guests have included: RICKEY MEDLOCKE of LYNYRD SKYNYRD, BOBBY BLOTZER of RATT, FOUR HORSEMAN TULLY BLANCHARD, MATT HARDY, VINNY APPICE of BLACK SABBATH and DIO, URBAN TARZAN, RON THAL of GUNS N ROSES, and many more. The show can be heard on 540 AM WRGC at 9p EST Thursdays on It can also be heard on 92.1 FM and 1250 AM at 9p CST Saturdays and Sundays on

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