Dr. Carol Ann Malizia

carolann.jpgDr. Malizia has maintained a progressive Chiropractic practice in the country for nearly 25 years, in Newburgh New York, Hudson Valley WholeLife Center, featured in the national publication Chiropractic Economics. The office is considered a model for a full spectrum level service offering services in addition to Chiropractic Care, Nutritional Counseling with Whole food Nutrition, Detoxification programs, Erchonia Cold Laser, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Functional Rehabilitation and a Holistic Esthetician. Dr. Malizia, now a Holistic Healthcare Consultant is relentless in her vision and commitment to contribute to a world-wide quality of life healthcare delivery system with Chiropractic and NonDrug solutions in the leading role.

Passionate about re-shaping the thinking in specific areas of education pertaining to womens well-being and evolution through the stages of life, in particular female Veterans, Dr Malizia is a Consultant for Special Projects to Standard Process and a spokesperson for Wholefood solutions. Her recent appearance on Fox News new show, A Healthier You and Carol Alt, puts the awareness of Whole foods as a solution to the front of the conversation in holistic healthcare. Dr. Malizia is also regularly featured author and the women’s health editor of Chiropractic Fitness and Wellness Magazine with nearly a 9 million readership.

The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress, a current Board Member, has presented Dr. Carol Ann with the ability to again have a powerful voice in the media on behalf of the profession, nationally for the purposes of positive press. Additionally, working side by side with Ret. Brigadier General Becky Halstead, Dr. Lynn Lafferty, Head of Integrated Medicine at Nova Southeastern, and Dr. James Powell to combine efforts with the focus on impacting the emerging solution in healthcare from the perspective of whole being verses disease driven.  

She is blessed by her passion, energy and enthusiasm to make a difference in lives she feels is a privileged to touch.