Bharon Hoag

Bharon.jpgThe Ohio State Chiropractic Association’s (OSCA) Executive Director Bharon Hoag has been a leader in the business aspect of healthcare in America. He has worked in the chiropractic profession for fifteen years and taught for twelve, developing his unique “non-doctor” approach through ownership and management of numerous clinics.

As a former consultant, Bharon has counseled hundreds of healthcare facilities and employers, evolving a profound understanding of the professional environment. His onsite method of consulting has given him the ability to diagnose and develop systems that most consultants miss. His management and consulting experience coupled with a strong background in psychology and communications has made him a compelling speaker, addressing many major events and earning accolades as“the most entertaining but educational speaker in healthcare.” Not only has he become known for his speaking style but also his regularly published articles in the various trade magazines.

His current position as Executive Director (ED) has enabled him to facilitate a new model of State Association management. In his first year as ED the OSCA saw a 26% increase in membership. He is now developing hands on approach to member benefits.

Working with the members in their offices and helping them develop long term change and success. He has also been a fundamental part of Ohio’s Workplace Wellness efforts, working with Dr. Ted Wymyslo of the Ohio Department of Health as well as the Ohio Department of Workers Compensation & the Ohio Department of Medicaid. His revolutionary view of reformed healthcare is refreshing and exciting.