The Oath of Service to the Country Never Ends

As a combat veteran and doctor of chiropractic, I am blessed to be whole.  In my 3+ decades of being a doctor, I know what the body is capable of healing; not only the physical, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  When the person is reconnected to the source of life through the function of the nerve system, the outcome can be and often is, miraculous.  Every year, as a Native American, I step into the Circle as a Northern Traditional dancer.  It is there, that I honor my fallen brothers. It is there, that their Spirits dance next to me and lift me up as a human being -- and I know that I am doing a good thing.

I support this project as a way of reaching out to those, past and present, who have been under arms and know what it is to be strong at the breaks... because the world breaks us all.  We are meant to get strong and whole.  I wish to contribute my efforts as a doctor of chiropractic, to make that a possibility.

To all my Brother & Sisters, I say to you, "ALLONS!" "Let's GO!" [motto: 11th ACR]


Michael Willis

Michael Willis

I rode with the 11th ACR in Vietnam - 69


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